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Network Administrators, System Engineers, and Systems Administrators are often deployed to configure, install, and operate LANs as well as WANs. CCNA Certification is often a prerequisite for professi...

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Engr. Kushal Kabi

Network Administrators, System Engineers, and Systems Administrators are often deployed to configure, install, and operate LANs as well as WANs. CCNA Certification is often a prerequisite for professionals engaged in such high-skilled jobs. For installing, configuring, and operating an efficient Routing and Switching network, it’s important to train at the best network training institute in usa. Dean Institute is offering its world-class Cisco CCNA training and placement in usa for networking professionals.

The Cisco CCNA training in usa includes IPv4, IPv6, default routes, static routes, routing protocols Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP), Open Shortest Path First (OSPFv2 and OSPFv3), Frame Relay configuration and Leased Lines networks. At Dean Institute, you get to train with the best professionals from the networking industry and gain hands-on experience using Catalyst switches and Cisco ISR routers.

Our Networking training course in Dean institute prepares you for both the ICND1 100-105 and ICND2 200-105 or the CCNA composite exam 200-125. At Dean Institute you get to start from the basic as we prepare you for the entry level certification CCENT.

Course Curriculum


* Basic Router Configuration
* Static Routing
* Static Default Routing
* VLAN Concept -1
*Vlan Configuration
* Inter-Vlan Routing
* Switch Port Security
* Cisco Discovery Protocols
* Remote Access- Telnet
* Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
* Routing Protocol Concepts
* Distance Vector Routing Protocol - RIP - Part I
* Distance Vector Routing Protocol - RIP- Part II
* RIP - Configuration
* Dis-contiguous Network With RIPv2


* Route Summarization
* OSPF - Concepts
* OSPF Configuration
* OSPF-DR & BDR Configuration
* OSPF ABR Configuration
* EIGRP Concepts
* Configuring EIGRP - I
* Configuring EIGRP - II
* Ether-Channel
* Spanning Tree Protocol Concept & Configuration - I
* Spanning Tree Protocol Concept & Configuration - II
* Spanning Tree Protocol Concept & Configuration - III
* Spanning Tree Protocol Concept & Configuration - IV


* Standard ACL Configuration
* Extended ACL Configuration
* Network Address Translation Concepts
* Static NAT Configuration
* Dynamic NAT Configuration
* Port Address Translation
* FRAME RELAY Configuration
* FRAME RELAY HUB & SPOKE Configuration


* IPv6 part -1
* IPv6 part - 2
* IPv6 part - 3
* IPv6 Static and Default Routing
* IPv6 - Dynamic Routing - Riping
* IPv6 - Dynamic Routing - OSPF (V3) and EIGRP - 6
* BGP part - 1
* BGP part - 2

Course Videos


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CCNA Training Course.


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Dec 21th Sat & Sun (6 Weeks) Time-09:00am to 10:00am
Feb 2th Sat & Sun (6 Weeks) Time-09:00am to 11:30am


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