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Instructor Engr. A. K Kader

AWS, MICROSOFT, CCIE, IOT, IR, PR, Innovation & Research

International Relation, Public Relation experience in the enterprise performance management, business intelligence and application development software markets is key to shaping product development. His focus is to continually refine and evolve product strategy and the company’s technology vision by aligning the software to the needs of the market.

By the support of his teaching to the students are now able to work in high-paid companies.

Instructor Engr. Rohan Patel


He is a Chief Technology Officer with over 15 years experience in consultancy work in Application development , Machine Learning and Blockchain fields. He has worked in several companies in Europe including leading multinationals across various industries.

He has been teaching for more than 12 years, and his students are working in renowned companies in USA.

Instructor Engr. Aryan Sharma

Cybersecurity expert and PCI-DSS Compliance Specialist.

Haron Rashid is an Instructor as well as an IT professional with 10+ years of experience covering several aspects of Enterprise IT ranging from strategy and planning, architecture and solution design, project management, implementation and deployment, operations and production support.

Many students of his are right now working in top companies like Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Apple to name some.

Instructor Engr. Kushal Kabi

Professional Cloud & Networking Expert.

We built a proven system in this field with a team with 12+ years of combined IT experiences. As soon someone join the team, we work with the individual to set goals and put them to the right path combined with weekly training, mentoring and job preparation.

By the support and guide of his, his students are working all over the world with high class professionals.

Instructor Engr. Vikram Singh

QA Fullstack Software Testing.

Mr Simon has a team with Test Automation experts who will train you from real life experience. We focus on the current job market and the latest and greatest technology that most employers demand from their work force. Our experts come from years of experience working for top companies including New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), VERIZON, AT&T, NYC HHC, GEICO, Google, Viacom, Accenture Consulting, FICO and TD Ameritrade to name a few.

Instructor Engr. Aditya Mehta

Professional Juniper Networking Expert

He has been working on several latest technologies, especially in networking to make sure everything is going alright with network. Cloud Computing is also one of his key skills. He has aquired the necessary knowledge, and ability for being network expert.

He has been able to product skilled and wise students for worldclass jobs. ALso, some of his students are involved in Research in Future Computing.

Instructor Engr. Suggatul Alam

Professional Cloud and Network Specialist.

Suggatul Alam is a Studemia Instructor as well as an internationally recognized expert in Network Engineering. He’s currently the Network Engineer at North Haven, Connecticut, United States. Over the course of his career, Suggatul Alam has held various technical positions in Kelser Corporation, Bed Bath & Beyond.

CCNA - CISCO, Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies - Microsoft, Microsoft Azure Administrator - Microsoft

Instructor Engr. Priya Patel

Lead Fullstack Software Developer

Mahtab Hossain is responsible for DeanInstitute's strategy, driving innovation and leveraging emerging technologies to bring the innovations to the end user. He is promoting process automation during the COVID-19 to scale the company's business and is responsible for expose new businesses such as Cloud, DevOps, promoting business intelligence tools, searchings and monitoring. He has taught 50 students in 55 States of USA.

Instructor Engr. Rashel

Cloud & Networking Expert

Md Azad is a DeanInstitute's Instructor as well as an internationally recognized expert in Network Engineering. He’s currently the Network Engineer at First Republic Bank in New York, United States.

Over the course of his career, Md Azad has held various technical positions in Kelser Corporation, Polo Ralph Lauren Corp and JetBlue Airways.

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